Welcome to Family Constellations with Suzi Tucker.

Simply put, the Family Constellations approach as developed by Bert Hellinger is a process by which we can access the deepest dynamics in our family system in order to find new sources of healing and strength. Constellations help us draw new maps from familiar points in our lives. Together we explore the connection between relationships and happiness; we learn how to practice gratitude; we return to life with the power of connection, peace, and creativity. Along the way, we are guided in your particular work by the one who can both ask the urgent question and test the reply for present worth: you. Observer, participant, client: welcome.






Family Constellations ask participants to stand up as representatives in a person's "constellation" of relationships. This embodied picture engages us physically as well as mentally, placing our concerns in the context of generations past while rendering images of support and connection present. We can see in a constellation—reflected in the words, actions, bodies, and orientations of clients and representatives—places in a family system where folks have turned off or away from life moving forward, and we create an opportunity to bring ourselves back into alignment with that forward movement, back to love.

In short, the attitude we cultivate is “always looking forward”—and we're free to look forward when we're at ease with the ground behind us.