Welcome to Family Constellations with Suzi Tucker.

Maybe you've come here in search of fresh insight, for support in making a life transition. Like many who want to change their personal or professional direction, maybe you feel stuck when it comes to actually taking realistic and sustained steps. Whether that entails things like creating a business plan, hiring an assistant, starting to date again, establishing better parenting arrangements after a divorce, or seeking clinical support for clinical issues, such steps can be taken on firm and fertile ground so that the new resources have a place to land.


This is where my guidance might be essential: I can help you see reality as it is in present time, discover the fluidity and power of gratitude, and recognize that you have the depth of being to release old emotions that have been festering, perhaps for decades. I look for the systemic characteristics that you may be experiencing as obstacles – for instance, loyalty to others’ failure, sadness, or pain – and then I look for ways within your family system to jumpstart your sense of permission and possibility. When resonance with life-force is found inside the larger family constellation, we can feel at peace with success, well-being, health, and fulfillment.

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