West Coast Intensive

A Call to Optimism: From Isolation to Resilience

Join international trainers Suzi Tucker, Sarah Peyton and Peter DeVries for an amazing 5-day constellation retreat experience. Together we will explore, discover, and reclaim well-being at the deepest levels — within ourselves, and in relationship.

  • Are you seeking personal healing?
  • Are you interested in new ways of growing and connecting.
  • Are you a therapist, healer, or coach wondering if the constellations lens might be helpful in your work and self-care?
  • Are you interested in being in stronger connection with your root system?
  • Are you a facilitator wishing to expand your repertoire and network?
  • Have you studied with one teacher and would like to experience others?
West Coast Systemic Constellations Intensive

March 8-12, 2019

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Save $200 through January 31st!

For more information and to register go to West Coast Constellations.