The Write Hemisphere

Brooklyn Bridge at 3 AM

Does it seem as though suddenly everyone wants to write? I recall a taxi driver way back in the 1970’s who, after taking a long drag on his cigarette, announced through his smokey exhale: Everyone should tell their story. Maybe it’ll be interesting to someone. But the real thing is it lets the person himself know that what he has to say is worth telling.

I always liked these sentences. They stuck with me, words and image. Many years later, I began taking his advice, and that really was the revelation, letting myself know I had something worth telling. Just because…

And then, another realization, the things I had to say, the observations and interpretations, were not in themselves unique. Of course, I knew this, but I didn’t know it. This was a little disappointing — and a lot freeing. Everything has been said, but still, ideas and relationships and experiences and events can be communicated in unique ways so that to some ears it is as though they have never been said. Each of us has developed a language, both perceptual and expressive, out of a thousand threads of being. No threads come together in the same way. This confluence is impossible to duplicate.

How I get and hold your attention will be inherently different from the way you get and hold mine. In this course, we will expand the development — and the embrace — of our own voices. Through a variety of activities, including Constellations, we will explore the ways in which our threads get tangled up and cause us to stumble — and how they can be untangled so that they provide support for our creativity and fruition.

The Write Hemisphere

We have created this course for people who are serious about their desire to write. We are taking just 12 people so that we have an energized community in which everyone receives personal attention.

OUR SCHEDULE: 4 three-day sessions over 4 months — plus 3 one-hour online conferences.

THE PLAN: We will write every day and if someone gets stuck we will help each other climb out of the hole. We will workshop our writing, whether or not we deem it finished or even good. We will engage in a variety of experiential exercises designed to boost confidence, focus, and permission to succeed.

THE ONLINE CONFERENCES: Each online meeting will include a brief lecture and serve as a check-in/Q & A. People can also send writing questions via email throughout the course.

THE EXPECTATION: Let’s travel this path together, show up for one another every time, and take seriously our interests and those of our colleagues.

ABOUT SUZI: In addition to being a Family Constellation teacher, Suzi is an author and developmental/acquisitions editor. She has worked with scores of writers on developing their projects for both the professional and creative markets.

Both Suzi and Karen Passalacqua — the organizer and cofounder of the course — are hard at work on new books.


Our Lady of Grace Retreat Center
29 Shelter Rock Road
Manhasset, NY 11030
(30 mins from Manhattan)

The class is limited to 12 participants. The cost is $2000, which includes the classes plus 3 online meetings.

Please download this registration form and mail to:
Karen Passalacqua, PO Box 687, Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Payment may be included as check, made payable to "Bert Hellinger Institute, USA”, or completed online.

Cancellation Policy: You will be refunded the full amount paid, less a $100 administrative fee, if cancellation is received before August 9, 2019.

Accommodations at the beautiful Our Lady of Grace Retreat are available for $50/night.* Sign up early to secure accommodations. Please contact Karen Passalacqua at for details.

Students enrolled in this course receive a 20% discount on all one-day workshops.

Feel free to direct questions to Karen Passalacqua at