Thinking about you today and all our amazing work. I am so grateful for the freedom I have to live my life fully. I thought about how exhilarating it is to be in the present moment and actually feel our bodies and the waves of emotions that run so fluidly through us during a constellation.
— L.S.
Thank you for bringing me back - to Life! It diminishes my reactivity. I was driving today so ‘slowly’, no rush, like someone changed the speed of my life... thanks for awakening my GRATITUDE toward life, parents, system. It feels good to be a part of a big community, not just a lonely star; to be not perfect, but to relax; to see my mom in me and not fight with myself; such simple things... I’m glad I can give this knowledge to my son, and to others who will come to me. Full of gratitude for your gentle and loving approach to me and all others.
— M.A.
Suzi Tucker’s Guided Learning has had a profound impact on me, enabling me to take greater action in business and in life. Being with participants from many continents and from across the U.S. creates a rich learning community. Imagine on top of that getting a chance to learn about systemic constellations under the guidance of a rare individual—extraordinarily perceptive, knowledgeable and compassionate. That is indeed Suzi Tucker. Who she is and what she has to teach us is, I believe, why so many of us continue seeking her insight and guidance as our lives unfold.
— B.H.