Professional Constellations Workshops

...wherein success is an irresistible movement!

For anyone striving to fully live their vision professionally, the ability to out-picture difficult questions and input innovative solutions is an invaluable process. Traditionally, people are taught to divide, weigh, and then choose options. The classic pros and cons list. In the nearly two decades of my work, I have discovered an alternative: gathering toward the tipping point.

At the core of the perspective is what I call “deep inclusion.” This process begins with the self — where we are from, where we are, what we envision. As people engage in the process of deep inclusion what was once experienced as fear or weakness inevitably becomes confidence and strength. In other words, the aspects of ourselves that we think have held us back, those we are in the habit of rejecting, become the very forces that give us weight and a particular magnificence. The process is not for the faint of heart. It’s not easy to commit to letting go of fragmentation, compartmentalization, and alienation!

Thing is …

The destructive habit of exclusion is reflected in and projected onto the world. Partial meets partial. On the other hand, deep inclusion inward segues organically into deep inclusion outward. Deep inclusion ensures that we see what is happening right before our eyes without the residue of anxiety or defensiveness that so often cloud our ability to take right action. Deep inclusion ensures our mobility and the ability to step assuredly away from negative “foregone conclusions” that live in the sub-messages of the unconscious — and to step evermore convincingly into opportunity!


For further information read Suzi's blog post Establishing the Presence of Forward Thinking.

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