Family Constellations Workshops

Workshops on Long Island, 2018

In these workshops, we explore fundamental Family Constellations — a groundbreaking approach to well-being in its broadest sense. Family Constellations is an essential life perspective and process that opens the heart and mind to new possibility. Originally assembled by Bert Hellinger, the work shows us how to create the space necessary for change to take root in the personal, family, or professional sphere.

Whether engaging as a client, representative, or witness, participants have the opportunity to actually experience insight as they look at their own lives and the lives of those who came before them. Every weekend incorporates individual Constellations and exercises to clarify questions and their contexts and to anchor new understandings.

Family Constellations invite people to ...

  • move beyond their defenses into an expanded field of possibility
  • see how entanglements in current relationships may be tied to the past
  • discover reliable ways to release resentment, pain, and grief
  • step out of seemingly intractable patterns
  • attune to the resonance of life-force
  • harness the power of ancestral imagery
  • incorporate this approach into other healing practices

Saturday or Sunday - 9:30am-4:30pm
Jan 14   |   Feb 18   |   Mar 18   |   Apr 21   |  Jul 1   |   Aug 5   |   Sep 9   |   Oct 21  |   Nov 18, 2018

Our Lady of Grace Retreat Center
29 Shelter Rock Road
Manhasset, NY 11030
(30 mins from Manhattan)

FEE: $175

Accommodations at the beautiful Our Lady of Grace Retreat are available for $40/night. Sign up early to secure accommodations. Please contact Karen Passalacqua at for details.

Which workshop?

Feel free to direct questions to Karen Passalacqua at

Check to Bert Hellinger Institute, USA and registration may be mailed to Suzi Tucker, PO Box 458, Redding Ridge, CT 06876.