A New Approach to Decision Making - From Analytical to Systemic

MOSAIC Workshops

What is MOSAIC?
Systemic. Phenomenological. Inclusive. Family Constellations is observation and process, a healing perspective initially assembled by Bert Hellinger. Hellinger curated and then ignited a living philosophical vista. The work has now been carried forward and expanded upon by thousands of facilitators, teachers, therapists, and others across the globe. More recently referred to as Systemic Constellations, this is an approach that galvanizes well-being across multiple dimensions, a lens that can benefit individuals, families, communities, and society in general. The radically inclusive view and the chance to actually experience its many facets invite an awakening of possibility in systems — internal and external — that can lead to enduring change. The approach is both surgical and encompassing; it can open the door to immediate transformation as it also unfolds over time.

MOSAIC takes its cue from the art of piecing together disparate shapes and colors to form an image or pattern that is cohesive in its wholeness while each piece maintains its integrity. The cracked fit, the broken, rough, large, small, familiar, odd, beautiful, all.

MOSAIC, the Movement comes together under the stewardship of Michelle Blechner. Michelle is a kind of mosaicist, with a lifelong habit of bringing together people from every background and foreground. A gentle and insistent visionary, Michelle was born in France, lived in NYC for several decades, and eventually landed in Miami, Florida. She describes her beloved adopted city as a center of diversity — the perfect landscape for Systemic Constellations.

What’s next? MOSAIC is planning to welcome an international conference bringing together Originators from every corner of the globe in 2022! And, beginning now, MOSAIC is hosting a series of exciting forums to give voice to the broad swath of burgeoning and established facilitation.

August 23, 2019
November 15-17, 2019

Miami, FL


To register, please contact Michelle Blechner at MosaicTheMovement@gmail.com.