The Alchemy of Change

Family Constellations: a dynamic, experiential exploration of the intergenerational forces that influence current life — and the often-hidden resilience, vitality, and love that can set us free.

You: are in search of fresh perspectives on your family of origin, current relationships, career, health, parenting, or other central life question... in search of ways to move forward.

Me: a long-time facilitator, teacher, and writer who has worked with hundreds of clients and students across a variety of venues.

We: come together in a temporary community to serve in each other’s “Constellations,” embodying important relationships and dynamics so that damaging internal images can be out-pictured and defused. Together, we will discover the connections that keep us tethered to subliminal family loyalties and distorted understandings. Once a fuller systemic context is revealed, the powerful resources that reside behind, around, and inside our old images can be accessed, making room for new hope, creativity, and self-love.

Everyone will have the opportunity to receive from each piece of work, to experience insight and to imagine new action.

No previous experience necessary — all are welcome.

Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm
September 22, 2018



To register, please contact Richard Griffin at
Please download this registration form and mail to the workshop organizer.