When the Awakened Heart Leads…

Louisville, Kentucky / November 1-3, 2019

As a writer, publisher, and presenter I have dedicated my professional life to sharing the best of what I have found among the paradigms and processes designed to help people build their capacity for health and renewal. A unique multidimensional approach, Family Constellations allow people to see and experience the ways in which current difficulties are connected to entanglements with the past.

Love is a force. Most of us travel through life under the heavy weight of a subliminal misconception that we can, through our suffering and blind love, save those who came before us — mother, father, those who were enslaved, slaughtered, lost to forces beyond them. And when the heart is alert only to the past, it is not a trustworthy guide in the present. Together, we will explore the stories that entrain us … look for ways to break free from them … and uncover ways to awaken the heart to greater freedom, life-force, and love that is worthy of our trust — because we are worthy.

Friday will be a day of teaching in which I discuss — and we experience — the foundational observations that anchor the process and lens. Within this context, my teaching also will be guided by the interests of the group. This day is open to anyone who has had some Constellation experience.

The Saturday-Sunday workshop is open to everyone — newcomers and seasoned students alike. In our two days together, we will move through approximately 16 Constellations to share the common ground of uncommon connection.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (November 1-3, 2019)
10am-5pm each day

1230 Liberty Bank Lane, Suite 210
Louisville, KY 40222

Join for all three days — $400
Join for Friday only — $175
Join for Saturday and Sunday — $325
A $50 deposit will hold your space. Space is limited.

For more information, please contact Mary Farmer at marysfarmer@yahoo.com.