Individual Sessions

Conducted by phone, by skype, or in person, individual work is a lively, improvisational experience in which my many years of Constellation teaching and learning are brought to bear on the issues at hand. In our first session, we will consider the question for which you are reaching out for help. For me, problems are abbreviations for ways of being in the world. Thus we are looking to identify the larger or more essential dynamic in order to successfully address present obstacles to well-being.

In the next sessions, we will collaborate in the discovery of systemic resources that allow change to happen. Through guided imagery, story-telling, and exercises to ensure that people are in the right time zone, new images of resilience and love will emerge. Then your wellspring can be always filled with fresh water, continually replenished. At first it is a practice ... then it is a way.

People set their own schedules. Only the individual knows the right time, the right voice, the right amount. I have gotten to know people over years of accompaniment and I have met with others just a few times.


Sessions are available Monday-Friday at 10:00AM, 11:15AM, and 1:00PM. There may be room to negotiate the time (no evenings). Please request a slot, and Suzi will be in touch via email.

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10am, 11:15am, 1pm