Family Constellations Workshops

Workshops on Long Island, 2017

In these workshops, we explore fundamental Family Constellations — a groundbreaking approach to well-being in its broadest sense. Family Constellations is an essential life perspective and process that opens the heart and mind to new possibility. Originally assembled by Bert Hellinger, the work shows us how to create the space necessary for change to take root in the personal, family, or professional sphere.

Whether engaging as a client, representative, or witness, participants have the opportunity to actually experience insight as they look at their own lives and the lives of those who came before them. Every weekend incorporates individual Constellations and exercises to clarify questions and their contexts and to anchor new understandings.

Family Constellations invite people to ...

  • move beyond their defenses into an expanded field of possibility
  • see how entanglements in current relationships may be tied to the past
  • discover reliable ways to release resentment, pain, and grief
  • step out of seemingly intractable patterns
  • attune to the resonance of life-force
  • harness the power of ancestral imagery
  • incorporate this approach into other healing practices

Themes for exploration:



    The desire to belong is the driving force behind most action, good or bad. It begins when we are born and have no way to survive but to belong to our keepers, no matter the cost. Often, this feeling endures into adulthood, causing us to blindly reach for what does not serve life.



    Hellinger's observations about order as it pertains to families, communities, organizations and other groups has implications across multiple dimensions. Disorder has many forms, including: when a child takes care of a parent ... a CEO disregards the founder ... victims of war are forgotten ... aborted children are not accounted for ... the youngest inherits ... perpetrators are banished.



    A ledger is kept by the "soul" as life is a fluid movement of offering and receiving. When this is out of balance -- one gives too much or takes too much -- the movement stops its natural flow and struggles to find other ways to continue. "Other ways" are often laden with anger, lethargy, or disappointment, creating more and more imbalance and stasis.



    The cross-currents of the fundamental observations (above) as they affect and are reflected in the couple at various life stages. How can a couple survive its own dishonesty? Is it right to stay together for the children? The childless couple. When one partner is ill. When one partner is more successful. The fatherless man; the motherless woman. Abortion. Same-sex couples.



    How the fundamental observations are carried forward. What do children owe their parents? What do parents owe their children? When a child is ill. When a parent dies young. Surviving the loss of a child. Adoption. Stepfamilies. Caring for Elderly parents.



    What is the meaning of money in our system and what are the systemic influences on self-care? Are we trapped in our history? The ways of inheritance and legacy. Is success a right? How to become free of atonement and shame.



    A weekend for therapists and healers, artists, writers, teachers, and anyone who believes deeply in their contribution — even at times sacrifice themselves to it. Making meaning and living through it.



    Looking at how organizational structures work and they hold us up or pin us down. What do so-called entrepreneurs really want? Why does your employer undervalue your service? Why do you hang on when there is no evidence that change will occur? What is the ebb and flow of your small business and how can it move forward? Distinguishing between our place in the family and our place in the world.

This Constellation opportunity is open to all and flexible as far as time commitment (Saturday and/or Sunday). The themes noted below refer to what Suzi will talk about, not what participants need to be focused on.

January 14 & 15 — Belonging
February 11 & 12 — The Orders
March 18 & 19 — Balance of Give and Take
April 22 & 23 — The Path of the Couple
May 20 & 21 — Parents and Children
June 3 & 4 — Money and Self-Care
July 15 & 16 — Meaning as a Way of Life
August 26 & 27 — Organisms and Organizations

WHERE: Our Lady of Grace, 29 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset, NY 11030
WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays, 9:30am-4:30pm each day

Accommodations at the beautiful Our Lady of Grace Retreat are available for $40/night. Sign up early to secure accommodations. Please contact Karen Passalacqua at for details.

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