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Establishing the Presence of Forward Thinking

Professional Constellations provide a fast and clear view of where things have become stuck or gone off-track in a professional setting, whether an organization or entrepreneurial endeavor. A process of experiential out-picturing allows participants to actually see potential sources of disorder and, as important, optimal ways to redress them.

Most of us suspect that, “things are not always what they seem.” What we may not realize is that this is in part a consequence of tending to look at an ever-changing landscape through just one lens.

What is uncovered through the Constellation process:

Sphere of influence — You may be used to thinking about the sphere of your influence on others but it can be very revealing to “set up” the elements that surround you as the overt and covert influences that impact your own understandings and behaviors. The awareness of these influences allows you to transform your internal challenges into some of the unique strengths you will bring to any table.

Central intelligence — There is a through line of intelligence in each of us that is informed as much by so-called failure as by temporal success. The process of deep inclusion, even of elements deemed insignificant, allows central intelligence to emerge whole — a well-spring that can be tapped at any time, in any situation

Soft focus — This approach invites greater clarity and mobility from a position of engaged distance. In out-picturing the question/issue, we can find right proximity to allow for a level of focus to emerge that is enhanced by maintaining clear peripheral sight. Soft focus actually reveals the best view.

The balance of give-and-take — This form of balance is a movement. It is balance-in-forward-motion, when, as in walking, one foot steps off, a moment of uncertainty follows, and then the second foot safely lands. Give-and-take in this sense refers to ways of becoming alert to negative and positive reciprocity, and to the interactions that stimulate success.