g a t h e r i n g s

Our Time

At birth love comes to us in vocabularies bitter or sweet, fearful or bold, distorted or straightforward. We understand the language in the essence of our being. Analysis, interpretation, insight, they come much later, long after the understanding is etched in our heart. Love is a stream of kindness, flowing, reliable, even when we are not. Or it is intermittent, sometimes volatile, rapids to navigate in our too small vessel.

The most important thing to remember is that this is how it comes to us; we could not have changed its way - softened or strengthened or made more consistent its course. The time of our choosing is now, in how we receive it now. While the haunting of our first encounters, the core language of love that came to us, will always be a part of our geography, we might now raise our head to take in the fuller context that holds our parents and all the others and us. That vast ancestral field from which come. Perhaps now we might choose to feel the easy warmth of their love, not sentimental but powerful, intrinsic, open, no longer weighted down in the quagmire of story and judgment. Perhaps it is a good and rich time right now to receive their love, simple and complete. Perhaps it’s the moment to rest in their support of our ongoingness as the fruition of theirs.