g a t h e r i n g s

Thinking About You

When I work with you, I am struck by the strength of your spirit and your continuing generosity. When I work with you, the people you come from and the people they come from step in immediately. They rise up behind you, and they begin to rise up in you, right before my eyes. When I stand beside you, I am humbled by the community that cares for you, that expects me to see them and to collaborate with them on your behalf, at your invitation. I know that I am in the good company.

When I work with you, I welcome the care and strength of those who stand behind me too, curious about my life’s work, in their own ways resonant with it. I feel them rise up inside me. I feel their hands at my back, pleased to share their wisdom and pleased that I am willing to carry it forward. I am aware that I am here, gently and firmly standing my ground because they did that, they accomplished that. Beyond the details of various tragedies and disappointments, misfortunes and mistakes, they went on. I hold a mirror up to their determination, to their triumph, simply in my being. I rest deeply in that happy knowledge.

In this restful place, I see you in your ease, in the arms of your people’s fortitude, your mother and father, accomplished, no matter their particular challenges, in you. When you stand beside me, I am unquestioning about our collaboration. I am chosen by you. You and I together, breathing in the life force, the air of the sea and the desert, the mountains, the fields, the cities, the landscapes of our ancestors, the tremblings and the celebrations, you and I in temporary collaboration toward enduring healing.