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You Asked For It: Omega

Dear Omega Hosts, Course Participants, and Course Faculty,

I want to thank you for remaining so open and improvisational when our plans changed rather suddenly. Funny, your response was right in line with Bert Hellinger’s emphasis on being in accord with life. Life shifts, ebbs and flows, and sometimes takes sharp turns. If we insist on staying in one place, refuse to release our expectations and absolutes, we get left behind. At the same time, life requests our generosity and confidence to meet it half-way. The Omega event worked out because everyone who participated in it was able to hold a sense both of flow and sure-footedness.

Many people mentioned this forum as marking the beginning of a new sense of coalescence. Perhaps. At the same time, it felt like a kind of completion. People who forged the earliest paths in Constellation work in the United States gathering together for the first time in over a decade. As with a Family Constellation, there is nothing more to add. It is complete, and simultaneously continuing to unfold in the hearts and minds of every single person in the room.

Years ago, Bert Hellinger’s vision was to let many flowers bloom. I think he knew that to try to control the path of the work would be to turn away from it on a certain level. To keep learning, to keep discovering, requires a steady gaze toward the horizon. To guard, mold, oversee requires something else. Clearly, many flowers have bloomed, are blooming, and there are myriad opportunities to experience each scent and hue.

What happens next, how it happens next, has to be fresh, no residue or need to compare. Whether or not this faculty ever shares the floor again, we have come together at Omega. That will always be so. Our voices have already joined with others to be more than they were. The field has already widened.