You Asked For It!

...a Family Constellation facilitator's perspective on some common concerns.

I've been involved in Systemic Family Constellation work since 1998. I have published, written about, and led workshops in Constellations, been privileged to offer my two cents on people's personal journeys, and have learned, learned, learned -- am learning, learning, learning -- throughout.

Every day, I receive emails from people asking questions, personal and professional. They are looking for a little perspective nudge, a different window, a different doorway. As I look back, it has been one of the most satisfying aspects of this relationship to the world I have stumbled into.

It has often occurred to me that the answers to some of these questions -- and, indeed, the questions themselves -- would be helpful to a range of people. So we are establishing this platform to reach out beyond the specificity of one to one. Each Friday, I will sift through the questions that come to me during the week and answer some of them on my blog. It is my hope that this new meeting place will provide many nudges in perspective that can be taken out into the world in refreshing new ways.

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